Where are we now?

Since my last post a grand total of twenty days ago the entire world has turned upside down. We Brits have quickly moved on from the unspeakable B-word (Brexit – what was that?) to the C-word, Coronavirus, or Covid-19. At time of writing the nation has been advised to socially distance/self-isolate by remaining in our homes wherever possible, schools and businesses are closed and we’re in a state of war-like crisis. People are understandably anxious, confused and afraid. Many cities and nations around the world are in enforced lockdown, and realistically I think that’s where the UK will be within a week or so.

Suffice it to say I have never experienced anything like it. I have little doubt our society will come through this challenge mostly unscathed, though tragically many individuals won’t. Such events make one realise how very fragile we are as a species, and how easily the structures around us that generally seem solid can crumble at the slightest knock. A scenario like this is such a leveller of humanity. A virus doesn’t care about class, race or creed; we’re all equally vulnerable.

Inequality however has never been a more pressing issue within our country, and I am acutely aware of how fortunate a position I’m in compared to many fellow citizens. Thinking more broadly, I cannot begin to imagine the ordeal facing the people of Jocotenango, Guatemala where the School of Hope provides life-changing intervention to its students and their families. At a time like this it’s even more vital that EFTC remains able to function so I’m infinitely grateful to all of those who’ve generously contributed to the Tonne Run fundraiser so far.

Please consider the students of the School of Hope in Jocotenango, Guatemala at this time of crisis. Donate to my fundraiser through the link below.

Having started writing this post earlier this afternoon, the advice is now being enforced. Seems I was correct! We are under lockdown for at least three weeks. It seems for now we’re being allowed to leave the house once a day for exercise so the running shall continue! Up to 276km as of this morning and targeting 300+ by the end of month.

Stay safe folks, stay well.

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