April Update

Couldn’t think of a more interesting title! We’re three weeks into Covid-19 lockdown now and inspiration seems in short supply. The Tonne Run challenge continue regardless, and I refuse to forget the struggles students of the School of Hope and the people of Jocotenango will be facing. Our own individual plight rather pales into insignificance in comparison. I’m safe, warm and well-fed. Bored sure, but (virus-aside) at no real risk of harm. While the School of Hope is now closed for the immediate future, EFTC’s work continues as they strive to ensure students and their families do not go without food at this time of crisis (https://www.eftc.org.uk/en/blog/food-hamper-distribution).

As their work continues so too does mine. Being at home all the time I’ve actually found it easier to hit my weekly running targets. I’ve been increasingly grateful to be able to use my allotted daily exercise to get out of the house and run. I’m now up to 373km of the 1000km total target, comfortably caught up with the 100km per month sub-target I set myself at the start of the year. I’ve now moved ahead of this in trying to hit 30km each week, which Strava tells me I’ve managed for the last seven weeks. If I can keep this up I’ll hit the 1000km target at some point in September! The EFTC Autumn Ball in October should be a good opportunity to celebrate!

One thing I’ve notice over the last few weeks is how busy it’s got on my usual running routes. Initially this seemed rather odd given the lockdown conditions, but I guess like me more people are actually wanting to get out and exercise as an acceptable reason to leave the house. What were usually solitary runs on country lanes and empty footpaths I now spend weaving in between walkers, cyclists and other runners (with the added challenge of keeping 2 metres distances from everyone!). I must admit it really annoyed me to begin with as I kind of consider these route to be ‘mine.’ Daft I know, and I’ve got over it. Really it’s good to see people being more active and I hope it continues once the current madness is over!

That’s it for now, as above, the same four white walls I’ve been looking at for the last three weeks aren’t given me much inspiration. Time to get the running gear on so I can go outside again! A huge thank you to all those who have generously donated to the fundraiser so far, particularly during these troubling times.

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