Hurry Up and Wait

I really am a bit useless at blogging. It’s been six weeks since I’ve written anything, during which time we’ve continued to wait for a reprieve from lockdown. Alas, nothing too material as yet. The current situation has left inspiration levels a little thin on the ground, and to a certain extent the same applies to my desire to get out running…

That said, progress continues. I’m comfortably ahead of schedule to reach the 1000km target by the end of the year. The total currently stands at 540km, and at current pace i’m due to reach the target at some point in September or October, assuming no injuries or illness gets in the way.

At the start of lockdown I was finding it really easy to get out and run, putting in at least 5km more or less every weekday and generally surpassing my 30km weekly stretch target. I think at that point given exercise was one of the very few valid reasons for leaving the house I was gladly making the most of it. In more recent weeks though I think it’s fair to say my mental health has taken an absolute kicking from lockdown, its relentlessness and related challenges. As such my motivation for anything productive, work, exercise or otherwise, has rather plummeted.

It’s a bit of a vicious circle given how good exercise is for one’s mood; my wife’s actually taken to forcing me out for a run whenever I’m having a grump. However as mood and motivation has decreased so too has the frequency of exercise, which in turn only worsens how I’m feeling. It’s a lesson well learned and something I’ll try to keep in mind when we get out of this monotony.

All that said, having had last week off work with my wife and daughter I’m better rested, more positive and keen to crack on with things, running included. My immediate goal will be to get back to the 30km per week target for the first week of June (nice when a new month starts on a Monday…) and look to continue that moving forwards.

If you’d like to keep up with my progress throughout the year please do follow the blog, and more importantly please consider donating to EFTC through my Virgin Money Giving page (link below) to support their incredible work.

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