What Happened to February..?

All in all, February was reasonably successful on the running front. I put up a total of 82km so still a little short on my monthly target of 100km but not bad considering it’s the shortest month of the year AND I took a week off for moving house in the middle…

January Check In

Started strong, hit an early wall but pulled it back a little… When setting yourself such a big overall target you really want to get out of the blocks as quickly as possible and take a decent chunk out of the number. That was my intention come 1st January as I looked to get aheadContinue reading “January Check In”

Progress Check – Jan 15th

A strong start cut short… By the 7th of January I’d done 39km, a pretty solid effort for a week (I’d surpass 2000km this year if I kept up that pace!). However, through a combination of work and a lovely seasonal flu virus my total as off today remains at that 39km mark. Not awful,Continue reading “Progress Check – Jan 15th”

Challenge in a Challenge

In addition to the not insignificant overall goal of running 1000km in 2020, I’m planning to use the Tonne Run Challenge to fulfill some smaller aims for the year that will help me reach the total. For example, I’d like to run a half marathon distance at least twice, once in training and once asContinue reading “Challenge in a Challenge”

The Rules

Having embarked on the ‘Tonne Run Challenge’ (running 1000km in 2020) it feels sensible to lay out some rules which I’ll pledge to keep to in the months ahead. This should hopefully convince folks it’s a sufficiently difficult task to warrant a donation here or there. Wouldn’t want to make things too simple after all!Continue reading “The Rules”